PAYMENT: Cash or paypal.

For pre-payment: Contact Michelle


​Winter  2020


Secrets of our Forest:

Mother Trees

Explore how similar our families

are to the forest.

Tuesday, December 24th​

10-11:15 am

Future Day Explorations, 75 min. 

+​ Language of the Trees

+ Ethnobotany

+ Lichens, Moss, and Fungi

Each exploration includes a game.

Details after Christmas.

Guide: Michelle Scannell

Meet in parking lot

At : Paradise Valley Conservation Area    

23210 Paradise Lake Road, Woodinville, WA       

$5 Per Person        

Includes Douglas Fir Tea   

Please dress for weather & bring water.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes PRIORto 10 am to sign waivers and pay.

There is a porta-potty in parking lot.